LaMetric by SmartAtoms, the coolest LED universal utility display with character…

Information now travels at nearly the speed of light; keeping up with this constant stream of information is difficult to say the least. Helping to solve this modern dilemma is LaMetric, the universal automatic real time information display.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the introduction video to a gadget that looks cooler than polar bear with a hat on. Sit back, relax and let the light show begin.

The LaMetric is like that annoying know it all in every office, always ticking off numbers and facts. This little fact machine however provides all of the best know it all characteristics without the social obligations. Effortlessly keep an eye on all kinds of metrics, news and social media updates, all visible from anywhere.

highpants-lametric-partsMaking the display easy to read over large distances LaMetrics’ display uses two blocks of LEDs, an 8 x 8 colour group displays icons and logos while the second group of 29×8 white pixels displays the information or metic. Behind the display LaMetric also has a speaker for announcing information along with WiFi and Ethernet network connections. Three buttons run along the top of the unit, left right and home.

Getting setup is as easy as installing a smartphone app and connecting the Metric to the internet. The Smartphone app will guide you through the huge selection of pre-programmed functions. Your own rules and actions can also be programmed in. Being a true widget there are hundreds of pre-programmed functions from the typical clocks and weather station to the modern twist Twitter readouts and even various stop watches and time counters are available.

highpants-lametric-dimensionsOnce setup and connected the internet LaMetric will automatically tick through all of the information in real time. Connect it to you home automation system and it will even announce household events.

SmartAtoms are aiming to have the first batch of LaMetrics delivered in January 2015, prices ranged from $129 to $249 for the various Kickstarter models which have since sold out.

When a big easy to read from anywhere widget is required there is now a new option on the horizon, a really cool option that is LaMetric.

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