Korg’s Cliphit, Turning Everything into an Instrument…

It is almost a natural animal instinct to turn any surface into a percussion instrument, often just to while away some time.

Korg has this week announced Cliphit a new instrument that will help us to turn any surface into a drum, helping to satisfy our desire to slap everything. Making music has never been so flexible, or so much fun.

highpants-cliphit-006Each Cliphit pod comes with 3 clips that can be attached to any surface to pick up the slightest vibration. The vibrations are converted into the sounds of your choosing with 11 sets of pre-programmed instruments plus a selection of sound effects. Effects include dog barks, cats meows and hand claps while drum types include snare, high-hat, tom toms, bass drums and cymbals. A pair of foot pedals are also included to give you a kick drum control.

The main body of the Cliphit includes a 3 inch 2 watt speaker and should run for six hours on 4 AA batteries according to Korg. A 3.5 mm Aux-In jack allows you to connect an external audio source so you can play along to your favourite tunes while the headphone jack lets you keep it to yourself.

There is no word yet from Korg on the release date or pricing for the Chiphit but you can bet this one will be popular at Christmas.

Reference: Korg Cliphit