Kim Jong Un’s Hunger Games, Stacking the Decks has Never Been So Funny…

The experts of funny at College Humour have once again put together a video so hilarious it has been banned in North Korea; in South Korea it’s going viral. Continuing the Kim Jong Un Adventure series we join the exulted leader as he enters the world of the Hunger Games, giving the island a noticeably North Korean feel.

The beauty of the double parody, both Hunger Games and Kim Jong Un, is that even those of us who haven’t seen the Hunger Games can appreciate the gag, those who really got into the HG series will get even more value from the gag of course.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the animation that has enraged one small and highly twitchy country, proving that totalitarian regimes and a sense of humour are mutually exclusive. Sit back, relax and let the adventure begin.

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