Ken Block Smokes Pikes Peak, That’s Some Heavy Shit Man…

Ken Block and his crazy gang of Hoonigans are at it once again, actively converting rubber into smoke while capturing incredible adrenaline fuelled videos. Back behind the wheel of his 65 Mustang Block sets out to coat Pikes Peak in a fine layer of Toyo Tyres rubber. From start to finish this is 14,000 feet of Pikes Peak sideways action, edge defying, tyre shredding action.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest and possibly the scariest and edgiest death defying video captured by the Hoonigans. Just Ken Block, a Mountain and a hell of a drop off if he stuffs this one up, no room for second takes this time around. Frankly it is also the best video produced by the Block in a long while. So sit back, buckle up and remember to never look down, just don’t look down.

Reference: Toyo Tires USA Corp YouTube