Ken Block is Back in Gymkhana 5, The Ultimate Urban Playground…

High adrenalin stunt driving blast back onto the internet with the release of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5: Ultimate Urban Playground. Seeming to defy physics and direction Block returns to his roots with fast, raw and precise tarmac churning insanity. Executed with sublime control Block owns the rally bred Fiesta, making it twist and turn, bucking under the strain.

Shot over 4 days in the San Francisco bay area the video is undoubtedly 9.52 seconds of insanity behind the wheel, 8.5 million views in 2 days can’t be wrong. A major part of the port is taken over by Block and his team, turning the picturesque harbor city into his playground, and Ken is the only one on the block. With the city seemingly to himself Block climbs aboard his 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV, 650 bhp and 0-100kph in 1.8 seconds, unleashing the rubber torturing power.

Included for your viewing pleasure is Gymkhana 5: Ultimate Urban Playground, press the play button and be amazed no-one, cars included, died in the making of this film.