K-Pop with Goats, Just Too Damn Funny and a Little Catchy.

Is it right to mix K-Pop (Korean Pop) with videos of goats screaming along? Is it a commentary on the dulcet tones of Korea’s favourite pop artists? Here at SickLittleMonkey all we know for sure is that it’s so damn funny you’ll be too busy trying not to wet yourself to worry of the moral implications such videos pose.

To be fair the style of pop is basically irrelevant, the goats are the stars in these mashup videos. As demonstrated by the goat edition supercut, goats screaming to everyone’s favourite pop tunes from around the world. It’s just as funny as goat K-Pop, maybe even more so.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the best pop videos with goats that the internet has to offer. Video’s that demonstrate just how good goats are at pop music, and goats don’t use voicoders. Sit back relax and please consider wearing funny bone protective gear, this one might just break it.