Is this Massive Explosion after a Saudi Airstrike on Sanaa due to a Tactical Nuke?

Saudi Arabia backed by America seem set on dictating the political future of its much smaller and poorer neighbour Yemen. While this may or may not be justified the Saudi’s have undoubtedly shown they are willing to go to almost any measure to produce an outcome they are satisfied with, including the apparent use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The latest video evidence of a massive explosion in Sanaa does seem to show an explosion mushroom cloud that burns hot with a long constant rumble like a small tactical nuclear weapon. Watch the video and judge for yourself, tactical nuke or not?

The W38 nuclear artillery shell is the most famous tactical nuclear weapon for use on the battlefield. Developed in 1963 it could be fired by a standard Howitzer canon but with far more explosive power than gunpowder munitions, 15 kilotons on average. The smaller shoulder fired Dave Crocket nuclear bazooka yielded an explosive equivalent to 100 tons of TNT, an explosion roughly equivalent to that seen in Sanaa.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the shocking video of what appears to be a tactical nuclear weapon being used on Yemen’s capital city. Prepare to be shocked by the reality of war in the nuclear age.

Reference: Veterans Today – Neutron bomb dropped by IAF plane with Saudi markings…