The iPhone 7, it’s Just a Little Funnier…

No matter the brand of phone that keeps your pocket warm during the day we all have to admit that the original iPhone changed the way we communicate. With so much innovation already under its belt maintaining the momentum must be difficult, which brings us nicely to the iPhone 7.

Obviously Tim Cook couldn’t just get up on stage and say that they tried really hard but it IS just worse. However, the comically inclined individuals over at CollegeHumor can and did. Seizing upon this moment of weakness for Apple CH have launched an hilarious broad side in the form of a parody video.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious blow-back from a less than stellar week for Apple. When will they learn and bring back the turtleneck sweater, that was Jobs’ real secret weapon. Sit back relax and be sure to have your laughing pants on.

Reference: CollegeHumor