Insane Driving with Jeff Gordon: This is Test Drive 2 the Revenge Prank…

Nothing is more amusing that watching the reaction people to death defying situations, especially when cameras are capturing the prank as it happens. Test Drive 2 takes this amusing premise and directs it towards a target most worthy.

The unsuspecting target of the prank Travis Okulski climbs into a non-descript yellow cab, then the cops turn up. With NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon behind the wheel the action quickly heats up, as Travis the taxi’s fare screams like a little girl the laughs increase exponentially.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the greatest revenge pranks of all time and the prank that started it all Test Drive 2 and Test Drive the original. Sponsored by Pepsi Max and with Jeff Gordon doing the dangerous driving this wild ride will have you in stitches. Sit back, relax and buckle up in the back.

As if winning the Daytona 500 three times isn’t enough Jeff Gordon has now taken to becoming a prank master, all in the name of Pepsi Max. Test Drive 2 is naturally the follow up to the original hilarious Test Drive prank that saw Gordon take a hapless used car salesman on the test drive from hell.

The original ad caused quite the controversy at the time, many so called ku-xlargeindustry experts claimed it was a fake, even though this was no more than a hunch. Travis was especially harsh on Jeff, going to great lengths to prove the video was a fake.

This is not to say the original ad wasn’t staged, it was, but the salesman subjected to the heart stopping thrill ride had no idea what he was in for.

Reinforcing the old adage that all publicity is good publicity Pepsi managed to turn an ad that left many with doubts into a revenge prank of gigantically hilarious magnitudes.