Inpulse. The New King of Über Geek Watches…

Canadian watch company Allerta is finally taking orders for its ultra cool computer watch the InPulse. Were talking the modern equivalent to the calculator watch here people so no rolling of your eyes.

The watch is sleek, stylish and could knock someone out if you swing it hard enough. Coming in all of two styles, chrome edge and solid black both looks are chunky, not weapons grade chunky but chunky just the same.

At the moment it works best with Blackberry equipment, Android and iPhone links have been mention but nothing solid yet. For Blackberry users it shows notifications, incoming call numbers, appointments even when your being an annoying Blackberry doosh.

Impulse Smart Watch

Fully programmable, connecting the watch to a PC using the mini USB allows users to upgrade the applications on the watch with various mini apps already available. The usual assortment of apps are there iTunes controller, Blackberry Notifications, Watch Faces, Calendars, Facebook Places. It’s still early days, if it becomes popular the number of apps will increase. Not much mention of any games as of yet either. The SDK available allowing you to write your own applications if your so inclined.

The specs are pretty decent 1.3 inch OLED screen 96×128, ARM 52mhz processor, 32k program ram, Mini USB charging, Bluetooth, fully programmable, 4 day battery life. Definitely an improvement over the former King of Uber Geek Watches the Fossil Abacus.

Priced at $149 US pre orders filled up quick. Looks like its time to test out a new watch.