Induction Heating with a Twist of Levitation…

Induction heating is often thought of as an industrial process but it is a technology that can just as easily be applied to smaller scale operations. Wether home-made or off the shelf induction heating provides a powerful way to heat and treat various metals electromagnetically.

Using powerful magnet fields electromagnetic induction heating is able to quickly generate high temperatures in metals held within the magnetic field. The oscillating magnetic field generated by the AC current causes tiny electrical eddy currents within the metal. In turn the tiny eddy currents generate heat through the electrical resistance of the metal, the friction of electrons moving about with the magnetic field.

One of the many interesting byproducts of the powerful magnetic field is the lifting force of the field, enough to levitate a small ingot of aluminum while it’s being melted. As many YouTube videos demonstrate combining the lifting and heating abilities of a bench-top induction heater has spectacular results.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the non-industrial applications of electromagnetic induction heating. The best of the man shed videos that will educate and inform on one of the many amazing abilities of electricity. So sit back relax and always remember to remove jewelry before heating.

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