The Incredible Indoor RC Airbus A-320…

As with all outdoor hobbies flying RC aircraft is dependent on favourable weather conditions, the solution of course is to move the runway indoors. Attendees of the recent Stuttgart model convention (Modell Süd Stuttgart 2016) were witness to this new indoor trend with one hell of an RC aircraft, the world’s largest RC A-320 Airbus.

Constructed and flown by the 1/22 scale A-320 has a 4.8-meter wing span and is 5 meters long yet it weighs only 350grams, when fully gassed with helium. The two wing jets house small electric fans that allow the aircraft to fly silently above the crowd.

Presented for your viewing is the flight of the world’s largest RC aircraft wowing crowds with its low and slow fly-by’s. Also included for completeness is a video of two helium filled A-10 Warthogs  dueling while indoors. Will large open indoor spaces soon be taken over by RC enthusiasts and quad copter racers? Will zeppelins make a comeback if they are airplane shaped? For the answer to these questions and more hit the play button.