Illuminati 2015: Predictions and the Labors of Man.

Presented for your viewing pleasure today are videos designed to deal with the near future and to discuss the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The following videos have been produced by Anonymous and AnarchyWorld, both of whom are fighting hard, along with many other good people, to provide a mirror to not only to shine a light on the truth but also to invert the perceptions that have been crafted for us.

The financial system collapse and the almost complete fallacy that money is real seems to be the common theme within most predictions, and for good reason, it is an important control mechanism and it is the proverbial rug being pulled from under our feet. Close behind financial turmoil is the outright attack on person freedoms through new terrorism based laws and the militarization of government departments such as police departments who are already more than willing to demonstrate the brutal use of force.

Paranoid-Andoroid-Illuminati-2015-The-SealWhat is it we labor for you may have asked at one point or another in your life, many have asked the same question. Why is it we work and immerse ourselves in the rat race like hamsters on a wheel for what seems like ever diminishing returns? Wanting to improve yourself and your life is indeed a noble desire but this has been corrupted into an unnatural thirst that is now used to drive the factory.

It seems to me that the problem with most conspiracy theories is they stop too soon, they don’t continue to the top of the pyramid. As has rightly been pointed out the wealthiest 1% of people control nearly 70% of all wealth. What do they need all of that money for? Where does all the money go?

Consider for a minute that the system it is not really about slavery just for slavery sake, instead it is a captive workforce living on a factory planet. If it is only costing 7% of the worlds wealth (7% of the wealth is how much the bottom 80% of the population receive) to run the factory and keep the workers fed what is the remaining money being spent on? Here at Paranoid Android we believe the answer is production.

Boeing Factory
Boeing Factory

The construction of the SR-71 by the US military and its black budget is a good example of the production process. The Lockheed-Martin built the SR-71 in complete secrecy, using everyday American companies to make the parts and assembling in a central factory. Over 3000 companies were involved in the construction and the world never new the plane existed till 20 years after it had been built.

What is this factory planet making on its production lines? The construction of military weapons, advanced technology seems to be the likely answer. But that does raise the question of who this enormous amount of weaponry is being pointed at? It’s far more than you would need to take on another superpower. If you also consider the fact that all countries around the world are now part of the factory who are we building weapons to fight?

When answering this question you must keep in mind the often proposed question ‘If there IS alien life why don’t they visit us? Why don’t they just stop by at the White House and introduce themselves?’, because we are trying to destroy them. Keeping in mind who or whatever is at the very top of the pyramid, well above the often discussed Illuminati and other groups, is most likely the source of the corruption of everything good and the source of this ongoing war.

Lockheed-Martin SR-71
Lockheed-Martin SR-71

The greatest and most immediate concern though is what happens when not so many factory workers are needed? When the robots have taken over the factory we will be more than dispensable, we will be a bother to the smooth operation of the factory. And let’s just say robots are really very advanced today.

The time to choose a side and stand up for what you believe in is upon us all, the time of trying to establish the group that is right or the country that is wrong has passed! Now only your personal sense of truth and justice is all that matters. It is all we have left, that and a fighting spirit. Remember the truth will set you free.