Hypercar Wars: La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and the Hennessey Venom GT…

The Hennessey Venom GT made headlines this week by going faster than any road car in history, if only the hypercar wars were that simple. To know the true winner in this battle metal must be tested against metal.

In the next few months, with production of the latest hypercars well under way, this war is about to seriously heat up. Top Gear have already tested the La Ferrari (F70) and McLaren P1 against each other, the episodes are due to air over the next few weeks. Until then we must extrapolate as best we can.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are video’s of the greatest cars man has ever created, the hypercars. The fastest high speed run in history captures the Venom GT running flat out full throttle, a video joined by the best of the P1, LaFerrari and the video game death match of all four hypercars.

With the latest generation of high tech hypercars electronically limited to 217mph / 350 kph more than a high speed run test is required to end this battle. As it is the Venom GT is really only competing with the Veyron, the non-production model that had the limiter removed in any case.

Venom GT
Venom GT

The Venom GT may have proven that it is faster than a Veyron but can it compete on the track or street against the new generation of Hypercars? The McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari.

Looking at the published performance numbers the Hennessey looks the fastest, with the quickest acceleration across the board. The times to 60 mph / 100 kph: McLaren 2.8 seconds, quoted us under 3 seconds so let’s say 2.9 seconds, the Venom GT is rated at 2.7. Speeds to 300kph; McLaren P1 16.5 seconds, LaFerrari 15 seconds and the Venom GT 13.63 seconds.

Currently the only on track comparisons we have to quantify the answer is in the form of a simulation, Forza 5 the X-Box video game to be precise; a game that has all four available to play. While I wouldn’t put money on these results they are interesting none the less. The LaFerrari finishes first, followed by the Venom GT, P1 and Veyron.

There are more Hypercars on the way to add to the battle, the Porsche 918, Koenigsegg One:1 that has a power to weight ration of 1, and Zonda Huayra are all extremely impressive in their own right. Who will be the first website to test them all?

So far the F70 looks like it may be the fastest of them all when cornering is required. Can the Venom GT compete on the track? Here at Highpants we love the Venom GT, it is like a reborn Shelby Cobra, its the one we would have if we could have any. The results however seem to indicate the Ferrari will be the fastest on the track, while the Veyron is looking decidedly dated already.

Forza 5 – Bugatti vs Hennessey vs La Ferrari vs McLaren P1 Head to Head Gameplay xxx

McLaren P1™ vs. the Nürburgring

LaFerrari – Nurburgring Testing

Ferrari LaFerrari (F70)




McLaren P1




Hennessey Venom GT




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