The Hypercar Wars Heat up as Hennessey Reveals the Venom F5…

Pushing the boundaries of hypercar performance legendary auto improvers Hennessey have revealed the next generation Venom, the F5.

Aiming to reset the acceleration and top speed records with the F5 Hennessey have upped the power and improved the aerodynamics of the already blindingly fast Venom GT.


So far Hennessey has revealed that the F5 will feature larger turbos that should take the V8 up to 1400bhp. The aerodynamics have been tuned to achieve the much better drag coefficient of 0.40 from 0.44. The F5 will also feature new technologies such as GPS based stability and traction control along with new active areo tweaks.

highpants-hennessey-venom-f5-001Hennessey may be giving hints with the name F5 which is a reference to an F5 tornado, a category with wind speeds up to 318Mph. Does this suggest Hennessey is aiming to smash the Veyron’s top speed of 265 mph? The Venom GT was already able to surpass that mark with a 270.49mph top speed run earlier this year, although controversially it is not officially recognized by Guinness Book of World Records. If you do happen to see Hennessey and Guinness Book of World Records people getting together speed records will be tumbling somewhere nearby.

With improved handling, acceleration and record breaking top speeds the Venom F5 is set to impress. Hennessey will debut the finished F5 in 2015, orders should start late 2016. As you might expect the hypercar wars are anything but stationary. Will Bugatti up the ante with a new Veyron or will Ferrari reset the definition of hyper?



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