HP, Gilt and Michael Bastian Team Up to Produce a Smart Watch with Style…

Occupying wrists in greater numbers every day many Smart Watches seem to be little more than mini tablets with wrist straps. Now HP is entering the market with what is simply an amazing looking watch that happens to have a tablets brain.

Website Fashonista were first to brake cover with the news that HP are releasing a smart watch with style and brand recognition. HP have gone double barren on the branding tie up, with Gilt’s online presence and Michael Bastian’s nose for sophistication it may be a winning strategy.


highpants-hp-smart-watch-002The smart looking watch features a 44mm circular stainless steel case with inlaid control buttons, distinctive bezel bolts and a night light. HP are delivering three different wrist bands with the watch; leather, rubber and nylon.

The hardware and software have both been developed in-house by HP with both Android and iOS supported. The only thing we know for sure however is that after installing the app owners will be able to sync various notifications, as is the norm with smart watches. This leaves the question of the other apps for the phone unanswered. Also little is known yet of the internal hardware or operating system of the watch. Here at Highpants it would not surprise us if it runs Android Wear OS.

Anything this good though will have one very serious downside, cost. There is no official word on price but expect it to come close to the $500-$1000 mark. Going on sale later this year through Gilt’s online store expect the HP smart watch to up the ante when it comes to how good a wrist bound computer can look. Now if I could have a Steel for daytime and HP for night time everything would be just right in wrist land.

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