How to Take a Photo, Hilarious Instructions for the Selfie Generation…

It’s difficult to always be On when having your photo taken.No matter what your affliction, whether it be a bad day, glare of the lens or general dislike of being photographed help is now at hand. Ensuring that our photographic appearances are always hilarious Comedy Central’s Key & Peele have teamed up Rhett & Link to bring us ‘How to Take Photo’. This one short skit will turn even the least photogenic amongst us into Instagram superstars.

Featuring a pair of comedy duos, a quartet of comedy, the skit was released in the build up to Key and Peele’s new season scheduled to begin September 18 on Comedy Central. Released through Rhett and Link’s YouTube channel this is a comedy partnership that see’s two of the funniest comedy partnerships team up for our amusement. Rhett and Link also produce The Mythical Show, a fast paced sketch comedy series that has built a loyal fan base on the new TV that is YouTube. Worth a watch if your short of a laugh. Here at Highpants we are under doctor orders to have at least two hearty laughs a day, with a few chuckles on the side.

Sit back relax and hit the play button, be sure to have your laughing pants on, the extra stretchy ones at that, we can’t have people popping buttons left and right.

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