Kenny of the Block, Gymkhana 4…

FROM 2011. The anticipation has been building for WEEKS. Monster fans, petrol heads and rally junkies have been holding their breath for Gymkhana 4, Ken Blocks next extreme driving video. Hold your breath no longer Gymkhana fans number 4 is here, Kenny of the Block and Monster World Rally have teamed up once more to bring us this next adrenalin charged film and it delivers.

Filmed on the backlot of Universal Studio’s in California the Gymkhana series takes on Hollywood production values, the director Ben Conrad –Zombieland and 30 Seconds or Less– delivers explosions, effects, and some amazing camera work, with the super slow motion shots being put to great effect. While Gymkhana 3 was pure driving and adrenalin Gymkhana 4 tries to be more, it’s got humour and pazaz, it will make you chuckle then throw you back n you seat.

Gymkhana 4 – The Hollywood Megamercial

The twisting and turning his Fiesta through a group of four moving forklifts, spectacular, there’s even a man in a monkey suit and a zombie, now that’s pure Hollywood. Some may say Gymkhana 4 should have had more driving, it swapped action for bling. Here at Highpants we think some will love it, some will want more extreme driving but everyone should watch it. Take a deep breath and get ready for Gymkhana 4, its is here and ready to take you on one wild ride.

Further information at Monster World Rally

Buddha’s Brother out…