The Hot Hatch Wars Heat Up, the 2015 Honda Civic Type R Draws Near…

When it comes to affordable high performance cars a hot hatch is the car of choice, the only decision really is which make. Renault, VW and Ford have built a reputation for high performance compact cars but there is only one that’s rated R, the Honda Civic Type R.

With a loyal fan base and a unique mix of performance and reliability the Type R is back baby and this time it’s going to demolish the Germans, Italians and French. Eating euro trash for breakfast, wait that doesn’t sound right, the Type R is set to battle it out for the front wheel drive track record at Germany’s Nurburgring test track.

Highpants-2015-Honda-Civic-Type-R-2015-sideTo take the record Honda have tinkered under the bonnet, fitting the first turbo charger to a Type R, adding the compressor to the latest i-VTEC engine has endowed the Type R with impressive power stats; 280-290BHP and 400Nm of torque all from the 2 litre engine! The tinkering doesn’t stop there as this latest i-VTEC engine now also includes direct injection and will rev out to its 7000RPM redline with a new deeper throaty roar.

All of this power in a small city car gives the 2015 Type R a 0-100KMH time of 6 seconds, close to the fastest car that Honda has ever produced. Couple this with 40MPG or 17.01 K’s per litre and the Type R seems to have it all.

Highpants-2015-honda-civic-type-r-conceptInitially put on display at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year the first deliveries are expected mid 2015, for the not unsubstantial price of £30,000. The English made hyper hot hatch is set to be the performance car of choice for those interested in performance without the super car price tags.

The R rated hot hatch is doing naughty things to the Germans, French and Italians but you can bet they won’t be caught standing still, how will Renault respond? Initially only English and Japanese models will be produced but expect the Type R madness to quickly spread around the world.

From street racers to those that like to give the gas pedal the occasional squirt the 2015 Type R is bound to shake things up, firing a mighty shot across the bow of their competitors the hot hatch wars are about to heat up.

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