Holho, the Holographic Display for your Mobile or Tablet…

Holographic displays promise the ultimate in immersive experiences, virtual reality without the goggles. But this is a technology that keeps the world waiting for the promise to be delivered. Taking a small step for the technology Holho may just bring Holographic displays within everyone’s reach, just don’t tap the glass.

Incredibly the Holho projectors use no moving parts or expensive electronics to produce an incredibly clear holographic display. Relying instead on an optical illusion and existing technology to produce the effect.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the coolest demonstration video’s this week, videos that may just fool your perceptions one more time. Sit back relax and let reality pass you by as the holograms come to life.

Developed by the creative minds at The Imagination Farm the Holho range of holographic projectors promise to bring a hologram to every household.

Full Pyramid
Full Pyramid

The projectors are simplicity itself, your tablet or smartphones display is split into four triangles (in the case of the Full Pyramid) with each triangle displaying a version of the final image. The split image is reflected on to the four faces of the pyramid creating the hologram in the middle. The image or animation appears to float within the pyramid, suspended in thin air.

A number of Holho models have been designed, each trying to tempt us with their shiny gadgety goodness. The Full Pyramid is the cheapest and simplest model, the four faced pyramid simply rests below or above the phone or tablet, feet supporting the display device. The Full Pyramid for 10″ tablets may be cheap at $60 but it is large enough create an impressive display.

The Naked for 10″ tablets uses a simpler single panel design with the tablet positioned above.  The Holho Zed is similar in design to the Naked with a simple single panel and slot to insert your 7 or 10″ tablet.

The most impressive model however is the 3 Faces Pyramid for 10″ tablets. With a large 3 faced pyramid to reflect off and more enclosed layout the holograms seem to have room to move in the prism. At $160 USD it’s also the most expensive.

Sadly normal video and images don’t display as holograms on the Holho, the video and images need to first be prepared for playback. This process can easily be done by anyone; essentially you need to create the composite of 4 copies of the original image. An app to assist in the process is also available.

Imagination Farm also offers a service to produce specially tailored videos, video personalization’s. Any pictures or videos can be sent to them and converted into 3D rotating cube animations or even company logo holograms, anything your imagination can dream up. Prices start at $650 for a basic presentation all the way up to $5,000 which includes the required hardware, software and animations.

Bringing a tiny piece of the star ship Enterprise to our living rooms, Holho is a holodeck for you’re smartphone or tablet.

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