The World’s Greatest Drag Race Part 2, The Only Thing Faster than a Supercar, Hyper-car!!!

While the World’s Greatest Drag Race featured many of today’s fastest super-car there are many questions still unanswered. An entirely different class of car has to be considered, and what of the car that required creation of this new class of car, the hyper-car by Bugatti, the Veyron.

With the obvious omission of Volkswagen’s V16 hyper-car from the previous World’s Greatest Drag Race it is only fair that we answer the question left unanswered. Which hyper-car is faster the 691bph Lamborghini Aventador or the Bugatti Veyron? Can the Lamborghini cut it in the hyper-car class?

Motor Trend has once again supplied the video, organizing the event, answered the question. Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Bugatti against everyone. Like a game of Jeopardy this answer begins with a question. Does sheer power always win or can lighter but less powerful take the day.

Motor Trend presenter Jason Cammisa (Adam Sandlers brother?) introduces the warm up to the main event, a warm up that sees the Aventador pitted against two of the current generation of super-cars. As expected the Aventador quickly dispatches the Lexus LFA and McLaren MP4, booking its grid position for the next race in the hyper-car league.

Looks good in bkack, Veyron SS.

Two cars lined up, two fire breathing monsters ready to do battle. Drivers at the ready, time slowing down, the race is on. Initially the Lamborghini is very competitive, the Aventador for the first 200 yards holds it’s own, until the Veyron begins to stretch its legs.

Answers: Of course the Veyron wins, by taking power to whole new levels. No the Aventador is not a hyper-car, it not only needs to be faster off the line but it needs a 250mph + top speed. Still other questions seem to have arisen from these answers. What about the other hyper-cars? Is the Veyron the fastest hyper-car in the world?

America’s The Shelby Ultimate Aero and the SSC Tuatara are constantly trading places with the Veyron as unofficial holder of the highest top speed title, which is really the fastest hyper-car? As soon as answers are found more questions seem to unravel, but answers to these questions we will find.