HAARP: Earthquakes and other signs of activity…

HAARP’s reputation precedes him, with powers that dwarf even a Bond villain. Could HAARP possibly be as powerful as rumours suggest and can it produce all of the phenomenon attributed to it. Are lights in the sky, unusual electrical sounds and unexplained radar signatures all signs of HAARP in action?

Stories have long circulated of HAARP’s ability to cause Earthquakes, a highly controversial claim that till now has been considered implausible. Noise and whispers around the web are now suggesting the possibility should be taken far more seriously.

There are now many interesting indicators pointing to this possibility, especially the tragic possibility that HAARP may have been the trigger for the Japanese Earthquake.


HAARP the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, looking like a field full of cloths lines HAARPs utilitarian design shouldn’t fool you; this is a an incredibly powerful machine and potentially a weapon on a massive scale. A recent image published on Rense.com plots the locations of HAARP installations around the world.

For a detailed description of HAARP’s technical abilities please read Paranoids previous article on the subject ‘HAARP: The Galaxies most expensive Heater…” In essence HAARP is an array of special antenna able to precisely transmit and direct radio frequency energy. This energy charges electrons in the ionosphere which in turn transmit magnet radiation at specific frequencies. These signals are received by stations up to 1,000 km away. That’s the official explanation for HAARP anyway.

There is far more to HAARP than these stated scientific goals however.. These alternative objectives range from technically possible to incredible rumours. From Earth Penetrating Tomogoraphy (EPT) to the more extravagant and often mentioned uses for HAARP; recharging submarines while under water, weather modifications, communications disruption including altering the orbit of satellites and Earthquakes.

HAARP Earthquakes – Japan?
The process of generating a HAARP Earthquake may have been discovered by accident. One of the earliest tasks that HAARP was put to work on was finding underground oil and gas deposits. Using EPT the HAARP array targets its microwave beams at the part of the Earth (underground) being studied. The returning echo’s can be used to determine the make-up of that subterranean environment.

HAARP locations

HAARP is also apparently very good at finding underground caverns and bases. While low powered EPT can identify rock and oil, 40watts is enough for that, finding empty spaces is extremely difficult. HAARP uses massive amounts of power to achieve this, over a billion watts of continuous power.

During these early tomography scans HAARP was working in an area of the USA that has many fault lines. One of these faults happened to be already stressed, allowing HAARP to trigger an Earth-quake. Not a side effect the HAARP scientists expected, but they did note it.

While loading a fault line is the simplest process for producing an Earthquake using HAARP it is by no means the only possibility. If HAARP is as accurate at mapping rock formations as the rumours suggest then it should be possible to focus tuned harmonic frequencies at specific rock formations to shatter the rock, like a crystal glass and the opera singer. This is purely hypothetical of course, in reality it would be technically extremely difficult but would be very quick acting, instant.

HAARPS warning signs
Examples of the atmospheric effects of HAARP include; strange cloud formations, unusual radar patterns, unusual colour bands in the sky and strange buzzing noises that appear to come out of thin air.


In the days prior to the Japanese earth quake, March 2011, many strange atmospheric phenomenon were witnessed. A multitude of YouTube clips document strange colours floating in mid air, unusual cloud formations and atmospheric noises. Many were initially incorrectly labelled as UFO sightings, or Earth lights.

Possibly one of the more interesting and visually curious signs of HAARP in action are the Radar patters, or HAARP circle. Said to be a radar echo of the ionosphere heating scientists are still unable to fully explain the strange radar echoes. The Australian radar echo video shows the HAARP circle appearing in real time, flashing techno-colour weirdness.

A paper published on the MIT website in May 2011 discussed the NASA atmospheric observations during March 2011. They identified a large build up of energy in the atmosphere above Japan prior to the Earthquake.


NASA scientists pose the possibility of the pressurized rock causing the energy build up. Making the situation even more puzzling the HAARP’s websites records publicly show the array was active in the days before the Earthquake. While it is impossible to tell exactly where the array was focused it’s a pretty safe bet. If NASA’s atmospheric data shows one region in the world experiencing heating, Japan, during the time the array was active dots can be joined.

Possibly the strangest phenomenon connected to HAARP resulted from a recent comparison of HAARP locations and bird deaths, a study that found a reasonable correlation. HAARP and birds don’t mix apparently.

 If you hear buzzing before a quake, see strange lights in the sky or unusual cloud formations with holes blasted through them then HAARP may be involved, pumping high amounts of energy into the atmosphere.


Possible Reasons?
Theories regarding why HAARP would be triggering immensely destructive Earth quakes vary widely. Some speculate that the Illuminati are using it as a weapon to pull rogue government into line, here at Highpants we suspect HAARP is hunting for alien underground bases and destroying them sometimes causing a local Earth quake.

The most likely reason however is the most mundane, mineral exploration. A network of this size could literally located deposits of any mineral or oil to a depth of 100’s of miles. The depth the beam can penetrate is related directly to the power, and with multiple billion watt installations working together depth would no longer be an issue. Earthquakes however may be a side-effect of the process.

Although this doesn’t rule out using the network for other purposes when idle, testing the system as a weapon for example.

The Melbourne tremors
While earth quakes aren’t common in Australia they do happen. Three substantial quakes have occurred over the last three years.

During the last large shake I did notice something most unusual, an audible hum prior to the Earth quake. Sounding like an electrical transformer, I almost hadn’t noticed the quake trying to find the source of the noise. Once the quake started the noise dissipated quickly. At the time I couldn’t explain the noise, now I believe it was HAARP in action.

Are Earthquakes sometimes an unfortunate by-product of HAARP’s other job, finding minerals, or is it targeting specific people at times? The controversy over HAARP is just the tip of the ice-berg, this may be one of those situations that is far more bizarre than we can imagine.

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