Greetings from Chuck, Google Zeitgeist 2013 and the Christmas Wrap…

From us all here at Highpants we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, may your pants stretch to accommodate the day’s festivities. With 2013 quickly drawing to a close many signs of the impending changing of the calendars has appeared.

The first sign of the time of year is the season’s greetings from celebrities and their imitators, Chuck Norris’s digital doppelganger being one of the funniest this year. The end of another year is also indicated by the appearance of the Google Zeitgeist, the year that was in fast forward.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos that will help you celebrate the season and the year that was. Before another calendar becomes redundant sit back, relax and hit the big red play button to wrap it up.

The team from Delov Digital have delved into the depths of their talents to produce a Christmas video with a difference. Produced as a parody of Jean Claude Van Dames Volvo splits commercial Delove present season greetings from a digital Chuck Norris.

Google Zeitgeist once again provides a beautifully quick wrap of 2013, all based on what we searched for over the year. Presenting the highlights of 2013 in 91 seconds the Google Zeitgeist places a bookmark at the end of the year that was.

Buddha’s Brother out…