Gran Turismo Sport, Seat of the Pants Driving Returns…

Gran Turismo is back baby. Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced that the next installment of GT called Sport will be available for the PS4 November 16, GT fans say Yeah.

Along with the release date a number of other details were made public with the announcement. The important numbers include: there will be 137 cars split into 4 categories, 19 locations with 27 tracks and 3 game modes, excited yet? The first two game modes, Arcade and Campaign (Formerly GT), will be familiar to GT fans but the third mode Sport is new to all. Sport mode introduces formalized worldwide multiplayer championships that culminate each year in FIA championship finals. Do you want to be the best in the world? Could you be the best in the world? Now you can prove it.

Also new to the franchise is a Livery editor that allows drivers to add custom graphics and livery packs to their favourite rides. Once you’re happy with the results you can use the new Scrapes photo mode to put your car in one of 1000’s of locations to get that perfect shot.

Sport continues the GT tradition of basing its cars mostly on production models (ready to tune) with a few concept cars hidden in there ready to unlock. The graphics certainly seems to have moved ahead at least a generation over previous GT incarnations. While the driving experience and photo realistic looks seem to be back to their best. Fingers crossed Sony can deliver on the dream, and we get to spend Christmas driving our way around the GT world.

Reference: TomsHardware
Reference: Gran Turismo Sport