Gran Turismo Sport Fast Approaches…

Lovers of Turismo it is time to prepare for the marathon gaming session to end all marathon gaming sessions. Clear the couch, stock up on supplies and get that comfortable driving position ready for the long wait will soon be over.

The world cheered with excited relief this week when Kazunori Yamauchi (Polyphony Digital CEO and GT ‘s creator) announced GT Sport will be released on the 17th of October in the US, and the 18th everywhere else. With 17 tracks / 28 variants, 150 cars and integrated eSport racing leagues to revel in we might have to start the preparations now.

Owners of Sony’s PS4 VR are in for a treat with GT Sport supporting the virtual world. Although it should come with a warning that once you enter the GT virtual world you may never want to leave. The heightened feeling of being in the drivers seat has many people who have tested it saying this is the killer app for Sony’s VR.

GT has always been a visual feast, pushing each generation of console to its limits. GT Sport is no exception and with an extra year to refine the visuals we should prepare to be stunned. Will GT also be the killer app for 4K HDR TV’s? A game that finally drives these hi-tech displays hard? Only time will tell.

Fans can pre-order the standard edition of GT Sport now for $69.99 USD ($99 AUD) which includes 8 cars, a million dollars of in game credits, stickers and 30 avatars. A limited edition GT Sport is also available for pre-order which adds four more cars, double credits, double the number of avatars and more stickers. Far more importantly though it comes in a very cool steel case (in some countries), guess which one we’ll be ordering?

With a no compromise approach to game development and the PS4 Pro’s 4K HDR punch the numbers look very promising for a grand return, as long as Sony doesn’t shoot itself in the foot as it often does.

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