Grams, the New Dark Net Search Engine for Online Markets…

Instead of stumbling around in the looking for the market place or product that you desire Grams is now illuminating the darkness, Grams is now here to help.

It may sound like a slight contradiction of terms but the hidden can now be searched, just like the everyday web. The only difference being the search engine being used.

It is unlikely that Google or Yahoo will ever include the darkest corners of the web so for the moment Grams has the search engine market to itself. What is Grams and how does it work?


Many websites actively secure themselves from the multitude of bots run by Google and other search engines, requiring special ultra secure protocols to access. Grams on the other hand has the co-operation of many of the darkest marketplaces, resulting in a single place to search from.

highpants-grams-search-resultsGrams is the first search engine for market places, there are other search engines for the dark web but none are specifically designed to search the many dark market places.

To use Grams you will need to fire up the TOR secure web browser, enter the Grams web address (https://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion) and off you go, search to your heart’s content.

Not only does Grams function in a similar way to Google’s search engine but it is even modeled to look just like the omnipresent search giant. Grams even includes a ‘I Feel Lucky’ button and will soon expand to include AdWords like advertising to raise revenue, along with vendor profile pages.

So far numerous online market places have signed up to the service; SilkRoad2, Agora, BlackBank, Cloud-Nine, Evolution, NiceGuy, Pandora and The Pirate Market are already on-board. Places where almost anything can be purchased if you have the money and the balls to have it delivered to your door.

The search results provide a description of the market, number of users, banned products and specialties. The results will also let you know when a site has been shut down and relocated, like the SilkRoad tale of woe. The list of included market places is also expanding thanks to the Grams API available to any marketplace that wishes to be included in the search results.

highpants-grams-shodanShodan is another search engine for the but instead of searching market places it searches for unsecured devices connected to the web. Using Shodan at last year’s DEFCON 20 security tester Dan Tentler was able to find a car-wash that wasn’t secured and could be turned on and off remotely, security camera’s that weren’t secured and a hockey rink in Denmark that could be taken over remotely. Hopefully these systems have now been secured properly.

Built to carry the torch through the darkness Grams is illuminating the darkness for us all. For better or worse the darkness is coming for us all.

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