Google’s Project Ara ‘Grey Phone’ set for possible January 2015 Release…

Google’s developer’s conference as always provides a sneak peek into Google’s plans for the near future. This year’s dev conference introduced the world to the work going on behind the scenes on Project Ara.

Not only will Project Ara change the way we buy and use our phones but this modular open platform style of development may change the way all of the gadgets we love are designed and constructed.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the technical videos describing the genius behind Project Ara, creating abstracted hardware layers is no easy feat it seems. Sit back, relax and let Google give you a preview of how they will change the world.

Google’s mobile phone revolution is set to begin in January 2015. Google’s head of Project Ara Paul Eremenko revealed this week that the first of the Ara phones, the Grey Phone, could be available as early as January 2015. Eremenko went on to say “It’s called the ‘Gray Phone,’ because it’s meant to be drab and grey to get people to customize it.”

The modular Grey Phone will consist of a simple grey frame called the endoskeleton which holds the modules, along with the screen, Wi-Fi and processor. Users will be able to select other modules to customize the phones functions as well as being able to 3D print covers for their modules.