Google’s Greatest Invention is Cardboard, the Clever Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit…

Google’s latest invention has created quite a stir, given to only a few lucky individuals at the recent Google I/O conference it was the worlds most exclusive piece of cardboard.

In reality Google has put ingenious yet simple design to work creating a craft kit that builds a working Virtual Reality headset out of a folded bit of cardboard.

Inside the kit along with the origami cardboard Google provided a Nexus 5 that works as the VR headsets display and brains. Once operaional the phones display is split to display a slightly different image for each eye generating a 3D stereoscopic effect, this is real VR done on the cheap.

highpants-google-cardboard2While the Google Kit was a limited edition the design is available from, you will also need a pair of lenses and an Android mobile phone. Google’s VR software can be downloaded from Play. The completed Cardboard VR system isn’t yet up to the same standard as the Oculus Rift headset but Cardboard is still an interesting introduction to the unlimited world of VR.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the Tested crew making themselves nauseous with Google Cardboard. Is it just me or is there is something hilarious about watching highly intelligent individuals struggle to put together a craft kit, there has to be a YouTube channel for that. Sit back, relax and prepare to be fascinated by cardboard.