Google’s G Drive, That Perfect Spot For Your Files…

Google has grown to encompass all aspects of the internet, now the Goliath wants to own online storage. Google’s new storage service is rumored to be named Drive, though most everyone agrees G Drive sounds much better. The name G Drive had already been used in 2007, unsuccessfully. The new service will give Chrome users their own G storage space or spot, accessible from all versions of Chrome including Android Tablets and Smartphones. Accessing you files anywhere just became big business.

The Drive service should be available within the next two months, ready to compete with the already popular storage services such as Drop Box and Apples iCloud. The free public Drive will be available to current Googlers – users of the Google version of everything – though only Chrome is required to use Drive.

Google mentions large amounts of space, but no specific numbers yet. At the moment, typically , free online storage ranges from 2GB to 25GB. Expect Google to come in somewhere in the middle. A fee will be charged for user who require extremely large amounts of space, commercial products are obviously already in the works.

Google already offers a number of specific storage services, Picasa has its own online sharing facility, as does Docs. What differs with Drive is the ability to store anything you like in the space, access it with any internet enabled Chrome device, independent of the application the file is intended for. As long as you have internet access and Chrome the new service will be there, your files ready to copy or use.

Google’s great advantage as ever is the server capacity it has at its fingertips. DropBox and most other online storage companies use Amazons Web Services, a bill Google will never have to pay. Combine the economics with Chromes significant user base and you have a logical addition to Google’s bow. Even as a slow burning idea it will quickly become indispensable to millions. Not Google’s most original idea perhaps, a handy service still, it will be.