Google Translate, Translating the Real World through a WordLens.

Language is a beautiful part of the many cultures that make up humanity but it can at times create barriers between people. Google is helping to tear down these language barriers with the latest update to their amazing Translate app.

This week Google demonstrated the latest version of Translate using the catchy La Bamba soundtrack. With lyrics held up on large signs in the background Translate converts the phrases in real time. A catchy little demonstration of the software’s WordLens feature that can now convert signs into 27 languages.

To use WordLens simply hit the video mode and point your Android phone at any sign and using an augmented reality display Translate will not only read the sign but translate it and replace the original text with the language of your choice.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Translate doing what it does best while making us tap our toes. Sit back relax and don’t blame translate for your conversation skills.

Reference: The Verge