Google to Join the SmartWatch Revolution…

Google is in fact intent on covering our entire bodies with Android devices; glasses, shoes and now wrist watches. Rumoured to be preparing to join the SmartWatch revolution Google has the technology but do they have the desire?

The rumours appear to have begun with a story run by the Financial Times,  discussing the burgeoning SmartWatch market and the numerous new Google devices targeting various body parts FT seems to have put two and two together. Supporting evidence supplied via a number of Google patents relating to wearable computing,

Although there is little evidence to support the rumour this may just be one of those inevitable ideas that naturally just makes sense. Google has declined to comment on the rumoured device as is standard company policy.

LG is also starting to talk about their future SmartWatch products. Speaking to the Korea Times they revealed that LG has products under development. The only detail available is the use of Android, which should make this a true SmartWatch.

The SmartWatch market is set to have a big year, a revolutionary year. With so many big names readying products along with already established names such as Pebble the market is about to become very crowded. Who will win the battle for our wrist real estate? Who will crack the integration equation first?

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