Google Fibre TV, Gigabit Speeds and Cable TV From the Google Machine…

Google Fiber, the Google machines latest enterprise, providing gigabit internet and cable TV to a lucky few. Internet fast enough to download a movie in 10 seconds is now within reach. Initially Kansas City, Missouri will be the first city to enjoy Google Fiber, selected from 1100 cities that applied to be the first customers.

Interested neighborhoods are being signed up now for services that will start in September. With cities broken into local neighborhoods, Fibrehoods as Google is calling them, Google will be rolling out the service according to demand, eventually rolling the service out across America.

High speed internet is only part of the equation, Google is also taking on the Cable giants with their Google Fiber TV, 160 channels of cable TV glory for an extra $50 a month.

Google is offering it’s customers 3 packages in all, the premium $120 Google Fibre TV package provides a 1 gigabit uncapped internet connection, a full home entertainment network suite including Nexus 7 remote control and over 160 cable and local TV channels streamed directly to your network. The $70 a month internet only package provides all of the speed without TV options.

The Google Network Box.

A bare bones free internet package is also being offered, a once off $300 payment is made to get the fiber to your door then it is free, forever. At a mere 5-megabit the free offering is a mere trickle of internet when compared to its faster brother, but its as cheap as you can get. $300 up front and zero a month there-after, nice.

The hardware included with the premium Google Fiber TV package forms a complete home entertainment set-up. Included in the package is the Storage Box, a DVR that can record 8 channels simultaneously to the 2TB hard drive. The Network box (router) includes wireless, 1GB wired network, bringing the network together to share the gigabit (1000megabit) internet connection. A TV box is provided for TV output and rounding out the hardware, the option that will win a million hearts, a Nexus 7 tablet is included to operate as the remote control for the network.

Google have also included a 1 Terabyte cloud storage account for each connection. Discount Chromebook’s are also being offered for $299 with each connection. A staggering hardware collection thrown in for free with your uncapped gigabit internet connection. The search giant is also looking to provide faster-than-gigabit speeds in future.

Home setup.

“Access is the next frontier that needs to be opened,” Google chief financial officer and project sponsor Patrick Pichette said, noting that internet speeds in the US had levelled out for broadband since the introduction of cable around 2000. “We believe there’s no need to wait, there’s no need to be limited. There’s no need for caps, there’s no need for slow. There’s in fact everything here to have an amazing abundance of capacity.”

The Google Fiber ISP service will make use of Google’s optical networks or backbone, you will be directly plugged into the Google machine people. If you live in Kansas City remember to check out the Google Fiber site. Still the Google machine can’t be accused of playing it safe, they love to shake up a cage or two, this time it’s a gorilla cage with heavy weight media gorillas on the inside of the cage. Shake that cage Google.

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