Google A First Drive, no steering wheel or pedals makes every seat the passenger’s seat…

Google this week released another video by their Google Self-Driving Car team, this time demonstrating the brand new Google Car. Google it seems is confident enough in its automated car technology that it has made its first self-driving car; the first purpose built self-driving car and it has no steering wheel or pedals.

Replacing the traditional controls of a modern automobile with a go button is a gutsy decision that actually seemed to go down well with the test group. I guess we have all sat in the passenger seat before. Does this make the Google Car the first two seater car that got rid of the front seats and kept to back?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest Google Car incarnation on the go. I’ve got to say the Google car is looking good, maybe even good enough to start worrying the big automakers? Sit back, relax and hit the go button to get started.