Goat Simulator is now on Android and iOS, Cross Platform Goat Madness…

Perhaps the strangest game to gain popularity in recent years is the now infamous Goat Simulator. A game that lets players enjoy the life of one crazy goat, a game as much about how you die as how you live. The madness that is Goat Simulator can now also be enjoyed on Android and Apple mobile platforms; we all can now enjoy eating cans and butting heads, even while on the go.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the insanely strange touch screen game-play preview of Goat Simulator mobile. Sit back, relax and let the goating begin.

The idea for Goat Sim was originally just a joke thrown around while training new coders, a throw away game theme that allowed them to concentrate on coding the game engine. Coffee Stain Studios were overwhelmed by the public interest in the idea and the rest is history. Now the crazy goat  has powered on to generate over $7.5 million in sales on Windows PC’s since its release in April. The mobile release is sure to further accelerate the spread of billy goat madness.

Reference: Goat Simulator