GlacierWorks and the 2 Gigapixel Mt Everest, the most incredible interactive picture….

Perched upon the roof of the world the GlacierWorks team have recently completed a photographic project of gigantic proportions, gigapixel proportions to be precise. Having spent 5 years with cold feet the team compiled 400 hi-res images to produce the most detailed digital record of Mt Everest in history.

Stitching together the source material has produced a single 2 gigapixel image that contains enough detail to allow hours of exploration. Zooming and panning, finding base camps and other points of relativity that give an impressive impression of scale.

The final image captures Mount Everest and the Khumbu glacier in spectacular beauty, showing the Himalayan peak and its surroundings in extraordinary detail.


The image has generated so much interest that a UFO has already been spotted in the image. According to the GlacierWorks website they become aware of the object while compiling the gigapixel image.

The website goes on to say “David’s (Digital Asset Manager) best guess, which comes from 33 years of climbing in the region, is that it’s not a UFO but a bird – either a Large-Billed Crow or a Yellow-Billed Chough, which are known to soar above Base Camp in search of scraps leftover from climbers. They have been seen as high as the South Col at 26,000 feet. David has often witnessed dozens of these birds flying above villages or camps on the mountain.”

The interactive image can be found on the GlacierWorks website here, an awe inspiring view of one of nature’s most incredible sights.

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