Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Time To Get Your Combat Boots Dirty…

Combining realism with a storyline Ghost Recon 4 is one of the most highly anticipated action shooters of 2012. With the official launch looming large next week Ubisoft have released the official trailer video. This combined with Ghost Recon Alpha movie, mission walk-through and beta thank you video we quickly build the impression that this game is going to effortlessly consume large chunks of our time.

Available on both X-Box and PS3 May 22nd, PC gamers will need to wait till June 12 before jumping in on the action.

With the most advanced arsenal at your disposal, missions based on an intensely detailed storyline composed by spy master Tom Clancy and the latest graphics engine Future Soldier is set to be massive. Like a supermodel with a Nobel Prize Future Soldier is a unique combination of polish and depth.

The fourth installment of the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier is set in the near future, new features of the game have been included to both keep the game fresh while staying faithful to the back-story and period. Futuristic technology such as active camouflage and remote control drones add new strategy and skills while staying accurate to the futuristic storyline. No cheesy plot drivers here thank you.

Future Soldier The Game
Continuing the Ghost Recon tradition Future Soldier is seen from a mostly third person view point with the first person camera view coming into play during sighted targeting where more accurate shots can be taken.

In game example 1.

The story of Future Soldier sees the detonation of a dirty nuke take out the Ghost team, a new Ghost team is assembled and tasked with tracking down the source of the bomb. Kozak, Ghost Lead, Pepper, and 30k take the lead in the game, drawing you into the story. During the campaign the Ghosts visit such faraway places as Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway.

Squad control is far more automated than previous versions of Ghost Recon. The use of assigned targets allows the game AI to control the squad while you take care of business. Future Soldier also continues the great Ghost Recon tradition of accurate portrayal of action. Everything a Ghost team needs to do in real life is there. This realistic special forces simulation combines with a the well written and involved storyline of a Tom Clancy novel to produce an action packed glimpse of the future, as seen by those knee deep in it.

In game example 2.

Single player and multi-player action is available for future soldiers. Play co-cooperatively through the game, or go Guerrilla mode to take on wave after wave of enemy. With cooperative or competitive game-play called Conflict and Saboteur Ubisoft have tried to let the player enjoy the future from many angles.

Weapons customization is a highlight of the new Ghost installment. Now with the ability to strip any weapon to its constituent parts and customize at the individual part level, weapons can be setup for specific missions and purposes. Or simply setup just the way you like it for those that know their military hardware.

Ghost Recon Alpha: The HD Movie
Setting the back story for Future Soldier, this real action short film Alpha joins the Ghost team on mission, attempting to stop a Russian nuclear warhead falling into the wrong hands. A well-produced short film setting the scene for Future Soldier. Alpha is a must watch for all those intent on joining the Future Soldier world, in the not too distant future.

The Beta Program

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The beta program saw 600,000 people participate in the event, playing for a grand total of 1,706,013 hours. During those 1.7 million hours, players performed 9,816,310 data hacks, fired a whopping 3,021,628,150 bullets, and made 99,474,068 kills. 2,387,377 of those were melee kills and 16,101,668 were long range, keeping the average player life to only 54 seconds. Finally, a select few players – “select few” meaning 3,040 in this case – managed to make it to level 50.

With the public release imminent Future Soldier looks to be one massive 2012 title. With the combined console and PC markets at it feet Future Soldier has a potential market of billions of people. How well it does we will have to wait and see.

Reference: Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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