Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045, a Netflix Production…

Lovers of Anime rejoice, Netflix this week announced that they are working on a new Ghost In The Shell. To be titled ‘Ghost In The Shell:SAC 2045’ the new production will continue the series’ long tradition ofanimated science fiction tales.

Here at Highpants Ghost In The Shell is one of our favourite Anime’s. Combining incredible visuals, stunning action and thought-provoking story lines, it is a finely balanced animated experience. The series centres around cybernetically enhanced Motoko Kusanagi, the ‘Major’, who leads a ragtag bunch of counter-cyberterrorist officers working for the Public Security organisation Section 9.

The new series will bring together the original Stand AloneComplex series director Kenji Kamiyama and the director of Appleseed (anothergreat futuristic Anime) Shinji Aramaki. After the disappointing 2017 Ghost In The Shell live action film it will be good to see the Anime return to its roots.

There is no word on whether the new production will be a single movie or a series but whatever they have up their sleave the new production will be released during 2020 and will continue Netflix’ push into the world of Anime.