Ghost in the Shell Returns, Arise Young Cyberpunk Master…

Ghost in the Shell, an all time Highpants favorite is making a glorious return with Ghost in the Shell: Arise, cyberpunk anime at its best.

The first in the new four part series this long play episode Border 1: Ghost Pain, each episode is called a border, sees the Major make her return. Exploring the not too distant future, a high tech future that sees man and machine merge.

Marking a new chapter in the Ghost series Production I.G have attempted to refresh the series with slightly changed character renditions, new voice actors and a new run time of 50 minutes for each episodes.

highpants-ghost-in-the-shell-arise-bannerThere are undoubtedly many changes to take in with the new series these changes are only skin deep, all of the characters we have grown to love are back along with the tech we have come to expect.

Start warming up your pop corn and get that comfy seat ready it’s time to hit the play button and enjoy a brand new world. The Japanese cinema release has already taken place (June 22) while the Blu-ray with English subtitles will be released July 26, 2013. Border 2: Ghost Whispers, the second episode and is set for release November 30, 2013.