The GeckoEye Solar Security Camera takes Peace of Mind to the Cloud…

GeckoEye the wireless solar powered security kit with cloud storage is seeking funding via crowd sourcing site IndieGoGo, and they need our help.

This sleek home security gadget is doing things a little differently, taking security cameras past the reach of power cables and all the way to the cloud. A good idea that needs a bit of a kick start.

GeckoEye: Security For Peace of Mind from Valdis Turlovsky on Vimeo.

highpants-geckoeye-windowThe Eye’s of the GeckoEye system are sleek hockey puck shaped camera modules that include a solar panel and battery to provide power when out of reach of power cables. With a wide angled lens equipped HD camera on each side of the puck the Eye can capture the right scene not matter the orientation.

When used as a car camera it captures the car’s interior as well as the normal oncoming view. Orient the GeckoEye to capture the most sunlight on a window and capture inside and outside or choose which camera to use. A motion sensor in each Eye ensures only the important action footage is captured, also saving on power.

highpants-geckoeye-kitsThe second part of the GeckoEye system is the base station that provides the brains of the operation. The base station connects to the internet, encrypts the video and uploads it to the cloud.

Each base station can connect with up to 3 cameras via Wi-Fi and kits are available with differing numbers of cameras. To ensure connectivity a SIM card can be inserted in to the base station to provide an internet connection anywhere. All of this though does necessitate the base station being connected to power but its high capacity battery will keep it running for 10 days when the power does go out.

Controlling the system is via an Android or iOS app that will guide you through setup and keep the video streams close at hand. The app provides live feeds, video searching and capture, notifications via email, SMS and social media.The base station also provides GPS tracking and automatically software updates.

highpants-geckoeye-blackAluminium or Polycarbonate styles of GeckoEye are available although the aluminium kits are more expensive. The basic 1 camera and a base station kit in black polycarbonate starts at $189 for early adopters while the equivalent aluminium kit costs a $229 contribution. The 3 cameras and base polycarbonate kit will cost you $339 and the aluminium $409.

GeckoEye had a cool idea and produced an even cooler product, now they need our support. If you’re interested in home security or need an eye anywhere check out GeckoEye’s IndieGoGo page, this may just be the stick it anywhere camera you’ve been looking for.

Reference: GeckoEye IndieGoGo