The GE Link Connected LED Bulb, Making Every Moment Good Looking with Jeff Goldblum…

GE have conjured up a cunning plan in order to push their brand new and very impressive GE Link LED Bulb, the smartphone controlled long life LED bulb. The cunning plan you see involves using humour to get viewers to drop their guard just long enough for the Link bulb to sell itself. At $14.97 it may well do that.

Link LED bulbs use a Wink home automation base station to control brightness and scheduling, they still need to be turned on and off at the switch and the can’t email you when their sad but they are cheap and connected. The base station supports multiple bulbs and a starter kit with two 60 watt equivalent bulbs and Wink is available for $50 USD, extra bulbs cost $14.97 USD and Wink by itself will set you back $30 USD.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the funny commercial for a clever product, Enhance Your Lighting and make every moment a good looking one. A funny commercial for a product that promises to bring successful guy lighting at normal guy prices. LED’s and the internet of things appear to have gone mainstream.

Reference: GE Link LED