Gauntlet the Classic Multi-player Video Game Rebooted…

Gauntlet the original dungeon crawling action arcade game is about to be rebooted, given a modern 3D facelift. Choose Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Elf as they return to battle the dark hordes.

Developed by Arrowhead Games for Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment the rebooted game features the same multi-player fast paced ghoul blasting action as the original with modern 3D isometric graphics as well as advanced multi-player options. To be released direct to digital via Steam and other digital download services in the second half of this year Gauntlet will be opening the gates of hell once more, releasing the waves of monsters to battle while collecting untold riches and food.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the preview video for the rebooted Gauntlet, uncomplicated action packed gaming returns once more. Sit back, get comfortable and relax, especially that trigger finger, this one could make it a little twitchy.

Gauntlet arcade machine.
Gauntlet arcade machine.

Originally released by Atari Games in 1985 Gauntlet started its entertaining life as a four player arcade game that excelled at multi-player high speed action, with co-operative game play an essential part of survival. It was also famous for its TI speech synthesis chip that narrated the game, Warrior needs food or don’t shoot the food, the Elf shot the food. Spreading to consoles and computers the game quickly became a massive success.

Gauntlet is the first in a series of classic reboots that will become WB’s Game Vault. The Vault will be filled with classic games from the combined back catalogs of WB and Midway, rebooted by up and coming game dev studios. Midway also owns the IP to Spy Hunter, Joust, Defender, Paperboy, Rampage and Robotron.


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