The Game of War: Fire Age Trailer Featuring Kate Upton…

Mobile game developer Machine Zone have pulled out the big guns to promote their excellent Game of War: Fire Age, welcome to the Fire Age trailer featuring Kate Upton. A trailer that shamelessly appeals to the male gamer, a new demographic for Fire Age and a risky strategy with massive rewards.

With the recent release of the Android version of the fantasy MMO both iOS and Android players can now battle it out in the same world, iOS battling Android, the strong battling the weak and all struggling to be King. There is no word on a Windows version of the game although it is possible to play the game on a Windows PC using BlueStacks.

Highpants-game-of-war-kate-upton3Since its initial release on iOS devices Fire Age quickly shot up the charts and has managed to stay in the Top 5 downloads of the Apple Store for 18 montha. It’s easy to see why with the near AAA graphics and sound along with a fast learning curve and all of the elements that make up a great strategy game; rewarding city building, military dominance, strategy, alliances with social network integration all played on a single gigantic map with all players battling together.

Building your city is reminiscent of Civilization and is rewarding in its own right. Not to say that you can just build, neglect your army and you will quickly be overrun. There isn’t a huge amount of variety in the look of buildings so different cities can tend to look similar.

Essential to building an empire is the ability to raise an army to defend your city and launch attacks on your enemies. The real time battles and strategy planning will satisfy even the oldest of old school strategy players. Multi-player alliances also factor into the battles with people co-operating to defeat a common enemy.

Game of War: Fire Age is a free download from the app store but money can be spent to speed up the game and advance your city. Payments aren’t a necessity, although you wouldn’t know it going by how much some people are spending during play.

If you’re looking for a new game to play on your iOS or Android device Fire Age is worth checking out, overall an excellent strategy game that takes massive multi-player gaming to a new level. A mobile game that will draw you in and make time disappear, and remember it’s not Free2Play if you actually give them money.

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