Electree, Solar Bonsai aka The Electric Ninja for Power Cables…

Electricity is the lifeblood of our gadget laden world. With each new generation of gadget comes more demanding power requirements. With every new gadget we bring into our homes comes the need to charge it, keep it fed. Mobile phones are just the tip of the ice-berg, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, remote controls, keyboards and game controllers all now need a place to charge. While Wi-Fi has loosened the shackles of the network cable, batteries still need to be plugged into power some-how, usually requiring a power point. Centralizing all of your charging needs into one spot, housing it in a stylish and Über cool design the Electree frees our gadgets from the power board nightmare evolving at every power point in every household. Powered by amorphous silicon solar panels that store their charge in the Electree’s on-board battery the Electree is always ready to bring those gadgets back to life. This is one of those rare gadgets that actually frees up power sockets in the grand power board of life.

The Electree is also one of those special gadgets that combines elegant design with brilliant functionality. Designer Vivian Muller has taken inspiration from nature, specifically drawing inspiration from the bonsai tree’s of Japan which are compact but still very efficient light collectors. Here at Highpants we think it could also be described as a power shrub, it may be the shrubbery that Monty Python were searching for all of this time. The Bonsai theme is continued with the Electree’s Japanese styled base, all it’s missing is some pebbles in the bases tray.

Built into the base of the Electree is a 13,500mAh battery that stores the charge from the 27 solar panels. It takes 36 hours of sunlight to charge the internal battery completely, once charged it is able to recharge your iPhone eight times over before the internal battery runs out of charge. Not that the Electree will ever run out of charge, with the Electree strategically placed in a sunny window the internal battery is constantly topped up by the solar panels, there will always be power ready to charge your latest gadgets. Charging can be done using either the supplied USB cable or A/C power cable. All cables can be tucked away in the base when not in use, keeping the look clean and stylish.

Delivered in kit form you get to assemble and customize the configuration of the branches and leaves. The 27 solar panels – leaves – can all be adjusted in order to capture as much light as possible or arrange them purely for aesthetics. The unique design combines ecology, aesthetics and functionality perfectly. The fine china plastic finish of the tree is simple and stylish but here at Highpants we bet a fair number will end up painted. This could be a whole new style of Bonsai, plant painting and decorating. Add sand to the base and you have a combined Bonsai Japanese garden for relaxation. A forest of Electree would be a sight to behold, this is the Brady Bunch configuration, with enough charging power for 3 adults and 6 children., no more searching for an empty power socket to plug into or daisy chaining power boards just to charge all of those gadgets. Attach a USB battery charger to let the Electree take care of all of the rechargeable batteries in you household.

Designed for indoor use only the Electree can be ordered now for 299 Euro, it’s not cheap although the first 400 are limited edition branded and numbered, delivery is free too. If 400 orders are received through the Ulule start-up investment website by October 15 then the first batch of Electree’s should be delivered before Christmas. Is this a sign of the personal green revolution, a small personal step that reverses the trend of stacking more demands on our every increasing power bills. Effortlessly Vivian Muller has combined old and new, natural and technological, blended at just the right ratios Electree will catch your eye, then win your heart. The Electree is one of the new bread of personal power devices, a very stylish example.

Electree Specifications:

  • Solar panels : 27 amorphous silicon solar panels
  • Solar panels: 96 mm x 96 mm
  • Electree size : 40 cm high
  • Battery capacity : 13 500 mAh (for comparison, an iPhone battery capacity is 1500mAh)
  • Electrical output: USB plug + AC plug
Source: Electree, Ulule
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