Funny Commercials for Stupid Products: Yawning Looks Like Yelling…

When tiredness is taking over the inevitable yawns begin. Have you  ever noticed that a yawn looks very much like a quiet scream? Vat19 have, and they’ve put together a video so hilarious that it may just laugh you out of your sleepy state.

All of this comedy screaming however is being used to sell what may be one of the most hilariously bad products of recent years. The solution VAT19 would like us all to reach for when the yawns kick in. Their favorite antidote to a lack of sleep is a pillow you pull down over your head, or as we like to call it the padded blindfold.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the comedy commercial featuring angry screaming yawns. The funniest commercial for a monumentally ridiculous product so far this year. Sit back relax and let the comedy screams being.

The punchline for this funny little video is a product so hilariously stupid that it could actually be funnier than the fairly funny video that precedes it.

Highpants-Yawning-looks-like-Yelling-padded-blindfoldYes a company has made a padded blindfold pillow that resembles a beanie with head hole in the top. The head hole has been specially designed so that you can pull it all the way down over your head to get some sleep, no matter where you are.

The potential for comedy moments while you sleep are just far too numerous with the nap time blindfold pillow. Wear it in public and you could become the next meme sensation without even trying, you may even sleep through your own fame.

The uses are endlessly stupid, next time you are being held hostage request the nap time blindfold pillow for ultimate comfort. Stuck in the middle of an horrendously annoying conversation, problem solved just pull the blindfold pillow down and let the zzz’s begin.

We aren’t completely sure which is funnier the commercial or the product, all we know for sure is that they are funny for very different reasons.


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