Fujitsu’s LOOX F-07C, Über Pocket Computer…

Gadget lovers the world over have this week had a collective oww ahhh moment. The masters of miniaturization at Fujitsu this week released the Uber pocket computer the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C, setting new standards in geek sexy, the super model of Windows computers. Weighing in at just 218 grams, – along with dimensions of 125x61x19.8mm – this is the worlds smallest fully function Windows pocket computer.
The LOOX is a triple personality Über gadget, Windows 7 Pocket Computer, Symbian Smart Phone and using the docking station Desktop Windows PC with full sized keyboard and screen. While Netbooks reminded us of what portability should be, the LOOX makes netbooks look like giants. The fact that Fujitsu have managed to shoe horn a fully-fledged smart phone into the package as well is just a incredible bonus.
With the keyboard tucked away the LOOX looks just like any other smart phone which for a pocket computer is remarkable, we here at highpants call this stealth mode. While most pocket computers of the past looked like a PC that shrunk in the wash, the LOOXS shifts away from that, it could easily be mistaken for a Sony Experia X10, with its big 4″ screen up front and a similar curved front face. Fujitsu have kept the look clean and simple, and it works. Switching between personalities is simplicity as well. With the push of a button the phone can instantly switch from Windows 7 mode to Symbian Mobile phone mode. The Symbian phone may look a little dated but applications are still available and it does look fast.
As a true pocket computer the LOOX comes equipped with an Atom CPU running at 600Mhz – reduced from 1200mhz to save power, possible overclocking potential – with 1GB of DDR 400 RAM and a 32 GB SSD to run Windows. On display duties is a 4″ touchscreen LCD -1024×600 – sitting on top of a slide out Qwerty keyboard with track-ball. Dual cameras are provided for snaps and video calls, 5.1 megapixel cameras along with VGA front facing camera. WiFi, Bluetooth and microSDHC slot rounds out the hardware technicalities. The software included with the looks should cover the most light duties situations, Windows Home Premium -32bit-, Internet Explorer 9, Office 2010 Personal – 2 year license -, and Symbian.
A Texas Instruments OLAP ARM processor has been included to run the Symbian phone side of things while the Intel Atom CPU runs Windows. Both operating systems run independently of each other, allowing for instant switching between operating systems at the tap of a button. Symbian may be considered a strange choice of mobile phone operating systems but it is more than adequate and is very light on resources, not something you can say about the Windows 7 personality of the pocket computer. In Windows mode the battery is good for 2 hours of continuous use; the Symbian side will run up to 6 hours. When the battery does run critically low the LOOX will shut down the Windows side of the device leaving Symbian to save the day.

Fujitsu has managed to maintain functionality even while taking portability to the extreme. The touch screen and trackball help to off-set the diminutive size of the keyboard, letting Windows be a viable option. Windows 7 hasn’t adapted as well as many had hoped to the touch screen device world. Much of which can be put down to the fact that it has been designed around the mouse and keyboard, how do you gesture a right click over a cell in Excel ? To assist here the track pad with dual mouse buttons and keyboard provide all of Windows usual user control. Flexibility of the LOOX as a Windows pocket computer is cemented by the docking station that provides USB, HDMI/DVI, audio, network and power, all the ingredients for building a full sized desktop setup. While in the docking station – which makes it look even smaller than it is – the LOOX’s screen can be enabled giving a really cool dual screen mode. So drop the LOOX into the dock and you have a fully fledge desktop machine.


While playing the latest first person shooter isn’t really possible unless you like playing in slideshow mode, a frame every three seconds, the speed of the demonstration model seemed fine for a light duties computer – internet, email, office, media playback -. Actual performance is equivalent to a netbook or any other Atom powered computer. Gaming on the LOOX is going to be a matter of careful selection to make it an enjoyable experience. Emulators, early PC games and anything with simpler graphics will run just fine.


The LOOX may not the phone for everyone but it is special, it is noid royally with the crown for the smallest and lightest Windows 7 PC. With a choice of colours from black to navy blue the F-07C LOOX will be available July 23 in Japan though NTT DoCoMo for $860 USD. Fujitsu has managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat with this state of the art Über pocket computer. Is this the road warrior’s ultimate gadget or just another milestone in the race to shrink the world, it may just be both.

Further information at Akihabara, Fujitsu Press Release

Buddha’s Brother out…

Product Specifications
Size: 125 × 61 × 19.8 mm (19.8 mm at thickest point)
Weight: 218 g (with battery pack)
Continuous Standby Time: ~600 hours in FOMA 3G
Continuous Talk Time:
~370 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
~170 minutes in videophone mode
Display: ~4″ wide SVGA touchscreen (1024 × 600 resolution)
Camera: (back side) 5.1 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
(inside) 0.32 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor (0.17 megapixel in Windows® 7 mode)
Color: Navy Black

Windows® 7 mode
OS: Windows® 7 Home Premium 32 bit Full Version (with SP1)
CPU: Intel® Atom™ Z600 processor (supports HT technology) (1.20GHz)(4)
Main memory: Comes standard with 1GB/max 1GB (LPDDR400)
SSD: ~32 GB (eMMC)
Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11b/g/n (communications speed: up to 65Mbps)(5)
Windows® 7 battery life: ~2 hours(6) in Windows® 7 mode