Free Game Alert: Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

Action packed video games don’t get any bigger than Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Rockstars most famous game franchise is always controversial, always pushes the limits and its always fun. Now you can get a full copy (minus Hot Coffee mini game) of GTA: San Andreas for free by simply installing the Rockstar Launcher. Get in quick this one is only availble till the 8th of October.

You may have noticed that every game development company under the sun is releasing their own game launcher but trying to convince users to install yet another launcher on their already crowded desktop is taking some serious sweetening. The most common form of incentive seems to be including free games for the install, and frankly it works for us.

If you are in the mood for reliving a classic 2004 action adventure video game and you have enough space on your Windows desktop for one more game launcher then get to it and install the Rockstar game launcher and collect you free copy of GTA: San Andreas. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by 2004’s most controversial game, that might just seem a little tame by today’s standards.

Reference: Rockstar Games Launcher