Free Game Alert: EA is Giving Away the Best SimCity Ever, SimCity 2000…

Having donned the famous floppy hat and with long white beard combed straight EA seems to have caught a serious dose of the Christmas spirit.

It wasn’t such a great year for many game developers; the naughty list seriously outweighing the nice but EA has at least thought twice and decided to give away SimCity 2000 Special Edition for free, no catches but you will need to be quick. With the jolly red and white suite on EA dug deep into their sack of games from days of yore. Possibly to remind developers how to do it right or maybe trying to help everyone forget the Maxis SimCity 2014 debacle, no matter their reason it must be the Christmas season, the season of giving.

EA being EA you can also spend 50 bucks on the complete SimCity pack but for our money the city building of 2000 will do just fine. Maybe it’s the eggnog talking but you would be well advised to not get between those EA executives and the mistletoe, you never know what will happen.

Reference: EA SimCity (With the Link to Freebies)