FixMeStick, The USB First Aid Kit for your PC or Mac…

From time to time a gadget is released that just makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before, FixMeStick is such a product and more. Here at Highpants we think it’s the best thing since sliced silicon wafers.

Like a 50-calibre anti-virus weapon FixMeStick brings hardened anti-virus to any PC with a spare USB port, soon to be available for the Mac as well.

Presented for your viewing pleasure we have the Dragons Den appearance by the sticks inventors as well as the FixMeStick in action video, two for one. Sit back, relax and let your PC’s medication take effect, things might get a little strange. Now count slowly backwards from 10.

The brainchild of two Canadian inventors Marty Algire and Corey Velan, these two caped crusaders created the FixMeStick to save the worlds PC’s.

The stick uses a combination of anti-virus software to ensure the most thorough result; Kaspersky, Sophos and ThreatTrack VIPRE anti-virus engines are all used in concert. The ability to boot from the USB stick, bypassing the infected operating system allows the stick to scan the operating system while the OS is totally dormant. This alone makes all the difference.

FixMeStick doesn’t replace the everyday antivirus you run on your PC or Mac; instead it offers a safety net for when a virus gets around your normal AV software. Technically you could plug it in and leave it, but then you couldn’t keep it on your key-chain.

Highpants-fixmestick-bannerIt’s even clever enough to be able to update its own virus definitions via Wi-Fi, when plugged in and powered up.  The Mac version will bring these features to Mac’s in April; see the Kickstarter project to get in early.

Pricing is set at $59.95 a year for the retail version that is limited to use with 3 PC’s. There is also a Pro version that will set you back $299 a year, expensive but will work with an unlimited number of PC’s. The prices include virus updates for 12 months.

While it is possible to build your own FixMeStick nothing about the process is simple, even for those that could build their own FixMeStick is an appealing easy option.

Hardcore security and simplicity don’t often go hand-in hand but the makers of FixMeStick seemed to have achieved that lofty goal. All while wearing capes.

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