The First Giant Fighting Robot Duel was Amazing, the Future Begins Here…

The culmination of years of intensive design and construction has led to this one single moment, a moment that has seen one of the most striking images of science fiction come to life before our very eyes. The world finally has real fighting giant robots, heavy steel crafted in our own image and controlled by our own hands.

This week in an abandoned steel mill in Japan the future became juxtaposed with the present as the very first battle of the giant robots took place, a battle that introduced the world to every anime and science fiction fans dream.

For many years giant fighting robots have remained the stuff of science fiction dreams. Dreams that permeated all aspects of popular culture; cartoons, video games, movies and even the cloths we wear have been shaped by this singular vision and it only took 40 years for it to reach fruition.

America’s MegaBots Inc brought not one but two giant fighting robots to the battlefield while Japans Suidobashi Heavy Industries brought their legendary KURARTAS giant fighting robot to do battle.

For this inaugural event two rounds of combat were scheduled to decide the victor, an event that is bound to be just the beginning of an all new type of entertainment. The winner would be decided by a robotic knock down, disabling the opposition robot or if the pilots tap out for any reason.

A knockout in the first round brought the American dream crashing to the ground with KURATAS thumping the MegaBots robot Iron Glory with its massive 600 pound first of fury.

Round two saw the more advanced MegaBots robot Eagle Prime get down and dirty with the Japanese heavy hitter, slugging it out while taking 600 pound fists to the body. In then end, as is true for many battles it came down to hand to hand combat, albeit giant robot hands. As we all know from watching far too many action films it’s hard to beat a chainsaw when it comes to close quarters combat. A weapon that would chew out a close quarters victory for Eagle Prime.

There is a lot to learn and much development work to be done to advance these giant fighting robots, but you have to start somewhere and start they have in spectacular fashion. The weapons must develop, strategies need to evolve and the pilot’s skills improve, and as they do the battles that these giant fighting robots take part in will become legendary. Next the South Korean megabot ‘Method-2’ needs to step up to the challenge and come to do battle on the mega battlefield, for the future of humanity it must be done.

Reference: MegaBots Inc