Finnish Police Release Ridiculous Anti-Rape Video, Apparently You Should Just Use the Force.

With the turmoil of New Year’s Eve rape epidemic in Europe (yes there were many other cities that also suffered in the same way as Cologne) only just beginning to settle down the Finnish Police have released a video likely to stir the flames of anger, rather than quell the rage.

After a flood of nonsensical ideas from politicians and council members, ideas that ranged from put on more cloths to keep at least 3 meters away from migrants, the Finnish suggestion has to be by far the most ridiculous and disturbing suggestion of them all, ‘Use the Force!’ There’s even a video to go with the campaign and it really doesn’t help make this idea seem any more sensible.

Presented for your viewing discretion is the worst public service announcement since Snoop Dog was forced to convince kids that smoking is bad. Sit back relax and if you’re a lady wanting to venture out please be sure to have completed your Jedi training first.